The Senses: Play it by Ear & An Ear for You (sense of sound)

Virtual sound real­i­ties by Tanya Ury GB/​D

Tell Tale Cassettes for Walkman (English only)
Edit Tanya Ury

German trans­la­tion Tanya Ury and Amin Farzanefar 2004

1. The Sunbed: 9 minutes
2. Mind over Matter — For the Consci­en­tious Driver: 11:28 minutes
3. Lie and Learn (English/​German): 5 minutes

Trailer 5 minutes

German trans­la­tion Tanya Ury and Amin Farzanefar 2004, recorded in German for digital compositing version with image of An Ear for You, 2009, edit Mirco Sanftleben pixel2motion, Cologne (D).

Image on the cover: An Ear for You, 2009, photo­graph (of Amin Farzanefar’s ear).

The Senses – a collec­tion of works:

The Senses: Play in Camera (sense of sight)
The Senses: Play it by Ear & An Ear for You (sense of sound)
The Senses: Ô d’Oriane (sense of smell)
The Senses: Zucchini (sense of taste)
The Senses: Inti­macy (sense of touch)

Firstly, we would like to congrat­u­late you on your choice wisely not to listen to taped music. Harmonic and rhythmic sound is known to have a hypnotic effect. This can be partic­u­larly risky espe­cially to the long-distance-driver. We assure you that this spoken text will be so lively that even the shortest catnap will not be possible.”

Extract from Play it by Ear: The Sunbed

Tanya Ury

Trailer – 3. Lie and Learn: 6:15 minutes


1996 Solo exhi­bi­tion, Artillerie, Cologne (D)

1996 Group exhi­bi­tion, Castle of Imag­i­na­tion, Bytow (PL)

1997 Reading, Group exhi­bi­tion, The Cunst, Iffi­cial Art, Cologne (D)

1998 Not Black and White, Group exhi­bi­tion with Doris Frohnapfel, Foto­ga­lerie Brot­fabrik, Berlin (D)

Publi­ca­tions & Press

Artist’s Writ­ings & Publications

2008 (5) Play it by Ear no. 3 (English only) published in Art in Migra­tion maga­zine, Theme: FEAR OF THE (UN)KNOWN, Vienna (AT)




2009 (1.11) The Senses on the Arkadas Theatre, Bühne der Kulturen (Stages of Diverse Cultures) website Cologne (D)



Jurgen Kisters Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger (Cologne City Gazette) 18th April 1996

Keep your eyes shut, not open for Tanya Ury’s art at Artillerie. But first, you should put on head­phones and switch on the walkman, because the play is a mixture of radio play, language course, relax­ation therapy and an art-collage roller­coaster. 

Talk is about: the risk of being hypno­tized while driving, the medi­ta­tive worlds of sunbathing and the diffi­cul­ties in learning a language (while lying). The artist’s clear voice flow (in English) drives virtual sound real­i­ties through the imag­i­na­tion like peas tumbling over steps.

(Trans­la­tion from German Tanya Ury)

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