Woman’s blouse (size 16)

This black blouse was designed to be worn in the perfor­mance piece Touch me Not, in which the long arms are tied behind Tanya Ury’s back.


2009 (25. – 26.3) Guest lecturer, Depart­ment of Crit­ical Studies (German), Faculty of Creative and Crit­ical Studies, Univer­sity of British Columbia, Okanagan (CAN)



2009 (25. – 28.6) Migra­tion, Commu­ni­ca­tion and Home, Jewish Tradi­tion, Change & Gender in a Global Context, (Migra­tion, Kommu­nika­tion und Heimat, Änderung und Gender im glob­alen Kontext) Bet Debora Konferenz, Sofia (BG)

2010 (610.6) A compi­la­tion video DVD of the perfor­mance Touch me Not (4.18 minutes) and the article Self-portrait of a Self-hating Jew (short version 30 minutes) with images was produced in 2010 and presented: 4.15 pm, 8th June, at Jews /​Colour /​Race” — a multi­dis­ci­pli­nary work­shop to be held at Ben-Gurion Univer­sity, Beer-Sheva (IL)




Concept: Tanya Ury

Manu­fac­turer: Nissen

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