Sonata in Sea 1999 – 2000

Photo series with English text

17 photos Sealed onto Forex sheets, plex­i­glass and clip-framed 1999 – 2000

8 photographs 30.345.1 cm
8 photographs 2045.1 cm (English text)
1 photo­graph 9.514.8 cm (title)

Edition of seven

Edition of seven:
8 photographs 60.690.2 cm
8 photographs 4090.2 cm
1 photo­graph 1929.6 cm

Sonata in Sea is presented as a room instal­la­tion, where a CD of Suzanne Brad­bury may also be heard.

A printed leaflet of the photo series was produced, with designer Thomas Zöller in 2001 

8 colour photos of the concert pianist Suzanne Brad­bury taken by Tanya Ury in the summer of 1999 portray Suzy rehearsing at the palace of the Arch­duke Luis Salvador, Son Marroig, Mallorca. These pictures, shot within a few seconds, specif­i­cally demon­strate hand move­ment over the piano keys. The images, hang edge-to-edge on a wall reading from left to right. Hand-written poetic texts by Tanya Ury (on music paper), accom­pany the images. The eight simi­larly framed but narrower text photos, hang (also edge-to-edge) directly beneath the portraits. A final smallest photo, the title, hangs beneath the last text to the right.

The title (and text) suggest that Suzanne might be playing Chopin’s Sonata in C (minor) — Chopin is part of Bradbury’s reper­toire but in the summer of 2000, she also performed a sonata by the late Peter Ury (Tanya’s father), at Son Marroig. In the back­ground of the photographs, the concert hall is empty; reflected in the wing of the grand piano a motion­less Mediter­ranean land­scape can be seen.


Tanya Ury’s written poetry may be regarded as concrete” because of its visual design, and uncon­ven­tional aural effect when spoken — the texts thereby gain in dimen­sion beyond accepted meaning.

Ury has also created other artworks that might be consid­ered visual poetry. Moving Message 1992, incor­po­rates an LED sign displaying the words: you are why; Sonata in Sea 1999 – 2000 is a photo series combined with poetry and wrestle­with­y­ourangel 2001, is a neon sign produced together with the neon sign neonazi 2001; the title of a double photo portrait lesser is me more or less 2003 plays on the name of the German Post-Impres­sionist Lesser Ury, as does the title of a further double portrait or else 2007, which refers to the German writer Else Ury. The title of a third photo-portrait Beelze­bu­larin 2005 (in the Promised Land series) reveals itself to be an anagram of the biblical Bezalel Ben Uri. half dimen­sional — semi detached 2010, combines the first of the half dimen­sional poems with the photo­graph semi detached.

concrete – a collec­tion of works (including poetry series)


2000 Solo exhi­bi­tion, Hotel Seehof, Zurich (CH)


2001 (67) Announce­ment of the exhi­bi­tion Insensed” Hotel Seehof, Zurich (CH) in Kunst­forum Inter­na­tional, edition 155 (D)

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