Video 45 minutes, English
VHS video incorporating Super 8 film, 1990 (GB)

Completed during the Masters in Fine Art course, Reading University (GB)

A DVD with German subtitles edited by Rainer Nelissen was produced in 2009, German translation, Tanya Ury & Amin Farzanefar.

Price DVD: 50 Euros

Trailer 6 minutes

A monologue accompanies images of the artist at home performing routine domestic tasks. Her voice constructs an elaborate family biography, where banal events relentlessly lead to confrontation. The meditation on sexuality, fear, pain and death, presented in bizarre combinations, seduce the viewer into taking on the vicarious role of psychological voyeur.

Script, actor, camera, edit: Tanya Ury
Donna Griffiths and Piyush Bharania at the Reading Centre for the Deaf
With extracts from the film “The Silence” by Ingmar Bergman 1963 (S)
Music: “Good Morning Heartache”, Billie Holliday
DVD edit with German subtitles Rainer Nelissen
German translation Tanya Ury and Amin Farzanefar
With thanks to the Fine Art Department Reading University
and Bracknell Media Centre


Trailer 6 minutes


1990 Vital States – Subtle Histories, Reading Festival (GB)
1991 Sheffield Media Show (GB)
1991 Nexus, Hull Events week (GB)
1991 Silence Elles Tournent – Festival de Films et Videos de Femmes Montréal (CAN)
1991 AVE, Arnhem & Nijmegen festivals (NL)
1991-92 Colin Walker Fellowship in Fine Art screenings, Sheffield Hallam University (GB)
1992 Solo exhibition, Fine Art Department, Cardiff Institute of Education, Wales (GB)
1993 Group exhibition, 120 Tage Einsamkeit (120 Days of Solitude) 68Elf Galerie Cologne (D)
2009 (11.9) Tanya Ury, solo event “Bitter-Sweet”, early video works, 8 pm, Bühne der Kulturen (Stages of Diversity), Cologne (D) www.buehnederkulturen….


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