Du bist Einstein 2007

A photo­graph sealed under plex­i­glass and mounted (MDF), height 64 cm x width 101,6 cm (edition of 7)
(Edition of 7: height 32 cm x width 50,8 cm)

Insur­ance value 2,000 Euros

Concept Tanya Ury

Camera David Janecek 

Digital image processing Claudia Stasch

Double Portraits — a collec­tion of works:

To the left of the photo­graph Du bist Einstein, the artist Tanya Ury is featured with a pipe; she faces the viewer but gazes to the right. Digi­tally incor­po­rated into the photo­graph on the right side of the picture, is a portrayal of Albert Einstein himself, also with pipe not a double, as in Ury’s artwork doo bee doo. In this double portrait, Ury also dresses and poses simi­larly to Einstein however — she mimics his facial expres­sion of a half-smile.

Einstein was born in Ulm, as were Tanya Ury’s Jewish grand­par­ents Sigmar and Hedwig (neé Ullmann) Ury, who later fell victim to the Nazis. In 1993, Tanya Ury, second-gener­a­tion who was born in London however, acquired British/​German dual-nation­ality, the year when she also moved to live and work in Germany.

The title Du bist Einstein refers to the poster featuring an Einstein double, part of the TV campaign Du bist Deutsch­land” (You are Germany). Shortly before the German general elec­tion in 2005, this campaign aimed to instil a patri­otic, feel-good factor. That Einstein was chosen to repre­sent a modern German ideal is ques­tion­able because in 1933 Einstein, who was Jewish, had to flee Germany to the USA.


2007 (11.3. – 9.4.) Connected, Group exhi­bi­tion, opening 12 am Jewish Cultural Days, Altes Museum im BIS-Zentrum (Old Museum in the BIS Centre), Moenchenglad­bach (D)

2007 (15.7. – 26.8.) Kunstverein Rosen­heim Jahre­sausstel­lung (yearly exhi­bi­tion of the Rosen­heim Art Centre), opening 14th July, Städtische Galerie (City Gallery), Rosen­heim (D)

2007 (15.7. – 26.8.) double portrait in cata­logue, Kunstverein Rosen­heim Jahre­sausstel­lung (yearly exhi­bi­tion of the Rosen­heim Art Centre), opening 14th July, Städtische Galerie, Rosen­heim (D)


The Power of Femi­ninity – Hubertus Wunschik has assem­bled an enor­mous range of art for a group exhi­bi­tion of inter­na­tional artists in the Alten Museum (Old Museum). The exhi­bi­tion Connected” combines the works of Jewish and non-Jewish provenance.

By Dirk Richerdt – Saturday 10th March 2007 RHEINISCHE POST

A glance directly inside the entrance to the bour­geois town house falls on the photo montages of Tanya Ury. The 55 year-old Jewish artist, born in London and living in Cologne since 1993, has created a series of dialogic self-portraits: one sees Ury together with antecedents, including the German impres­sionist painter Lesser Ury and the German Jewish writer Else Sara Ury. And then Albert Einstein turns up. Although she is not related to the scien­tist, Tanya Ury’s picture of the pipe-smoking researcher together with the artist, holding a (pipe) in the same manner, has a bizarre aura.

A humorous edge flashes up directly with the seri­ously intended repre­sen­ta­tion of personal history. Tanya Ury’s photos sealed under plex­i­glass there­fore lend the exhi­bi­tion a certain relief from earnest themes…”

(Trans­la­tion from German T.U.)


…Tanya Ury’s photographs Du bist Einstein“ and or else“ insis­tently but at the same time with humour concern them­selves with ques­tions of iden­tity. With these, she posi­tions recre­ated photographs next to the originals…”

A persua­sive yes to art – A tour in the Städtis­chen Galerie (City Gallery) through the Jahre­sausstel­lung des Kunstvereins Rosen­heim (Rosen­heim Art Centre’s Yearly Exhi­bi­tion), by Raimund Feichtner (with an image of Du bist Einstein“, 23.4.2007 Kultur in der Region (Culture in the Region), Verlagshaus (Publishing House) Rosen­heim (D)

(Trans­la­tion from German T.U.)

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