Trilogy: Lilith

Lo-band U‑matic video, 9 minutes, English (GB)

A DVD with German subti­tles edited by Rainer Nelissen was produced in 2009, German trans­la­tion, Tanya Ury & Amin Farzanefar.

Price of each DVD: 50 Euros

Trailer 2:10 minutes

Trilogy – a collec­tion of works:

An inter­pre­ta­tion of a Talmudic story: myth­ical Lilith, the first woman, was created by God prior to Eve, for Adam. Because of her inde­pen­dent spirit, she was perceived as the Mother of all demons. This seduc­tress was even­tu­ally cast out of Heaven.


Direc­tion, Script, Camera, Edit: Tanya Ury

Actor: Catherine Kilcoyne

Music: Fred­erica von Stade, a Ravel arrange­ment of L’Enigme Éter­nelle” & Kaddisch”

Poster image of the Madonna del Parto” by Piero della Francesca, 1460

Quota­tion from a Techina for the blessing of the new moon”, p. 542 The Jewish Almanac, Richard Siegel and Carl Rheins, Bantam Books USA, 1980, ISBM 0553012657

Trailer 2:10 minutes

Presen­ta­tion (Trilogy)

1988 Lilith, BP EXPO (GB)

1988 Lilith, Passion Play, Song of Songs, Exeter Art Centre (GB)

1988 Lilith, Passion Play, Song of Songs, AVE Video Festival, Arnhem, (NL)

1990 Lilith, London Film Festival (GB)

1990 Song of Songs. Women in Profile Glasgow (GB)

1990 Lilith, VIP FILM 8 Berlin (D)

1991 – 92 Lilith, Passion Play, Song of Songs, Sheffield resi­dency screen­ings (GB)

2009 (11.9) Tanya Ury, solo event Bitter-Sweet”, early video works, 8 pm, Bühne der Kulturen (Stages of Diver­sity), Cologne (D)


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