hero of your own saga 2013 – 2014

2013 – 2014 

The poetry series hero of your own saga continues in the same vain as other series that Tanya Ury has contrived, with lines written off the cuff, mostly absurd, sporad­i­cally tradi­tional and with some images, that is, text as poetry. The form, as with several others of the series, remains a construc­tion of 28 poems, each designed to fit within a four-page format, where the words vary in size.

…he surrounded himself with everyday objects, including (…) numerous plaques with Ben’s text. In his trade­mark cursive hand­writing, these text panels consisted of rhetor­ical ques­tions and whim­sical comments, giving equal impor­tance to every­thing from the kitchen table to a container of dirty water. Every­thing that I touch and look at is a work of art,” reads one of his plaques.”1

1 www​.walk​erart​.org/coll… Ben Vautier (* 18. Juli 1935 in Neapel), eher nur als Ben bekannt, eigentlich Benjamin Vautier, ist ein franzö­sis­cher Künstler schweiz­erischer Herkunft und lebt heute in Nizza. Er gehörte in den 1960er-Jahren zu den bedeu­tend­sten Vertretern der Fluxus-Bewe­gung. (Ben Vautier, born 18th July 1935, in Naples, known as Ben, but actu­ally Benjamin Vautier, is a French artist of Swiss origin, who live in Nice. In the 60’s, he was one of the most impor­tant repre­sen­ta­tives of the Fluxus Move­ment — trans­la­tion Tanya Ury) de​.wikipedia​.org/​wiki/… 

Ury has also created other artworks that might be consid­ered visual poetry. Moving Message 1992, incor­po­rates an LED sign displaying the words: you are why; Sonata in Sea 1999 – 2000 is a photo series combined with poetry and wrestle­with­y­ourangel 2001, is a neon sign produced together with the neon sign neonazi 2001; the title of a double photo portrait lesser is me more or less 2003 plays on the name of the German Post-Impres­sionist Lesser Ury, as does the title of a further double portrait or else 2007, which refers to the German writer Else Ury. The title of a third photo-portrait Beelze­bu­larin 2005 (in the Promised Land series) reveals itself to be an anagram of the biblical Bezalel Ben Uri. half dimen­sional — semi detached 2010, combines the first of the half dimen­sional poems with the photo­graph semi detached.

concrete – a collec­tion of works (including poetry series)

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