Workshops — a collection of works

Of the many work­shops that Tanya Ury has given, most were presen­ta­tions of her work or lectures — some were work­shops, espe­cially prepared for the occasion.

Work­shops – a collec­tion of works:

Dance Video Work­shop: Control 1991

Dance Video Work­shop: Secret Spaces 1991

Bochum Work­shop — Uniform, Status Symbol and Ideal 2007

Unnat­ural Conse­quences (work in progress) 2014- 


1992 False Premises (video presen­ta­tion), Break the Silence — A Video Diary and work­shop Fine Art Depart­ment, Cardiff Insti­tute of Educa­tion, Wales (GB)

1993 Jewish & Body Poli­tics (slide reading and work­shop), Fine Art Depart­ment, Cardiff Insti­tute, Wales (GB)

1995 Slide reading Jewish & Body Poli­tics, Kölnisch Wasser (docu­men­ta­tion), False Premises, Fine Art Depart­ment, Simon Fraser Univer­sity, Vancouver (CAN)

1997 Screening of Hotel Chelsea – Köln with work­shop: Clash of Symbols, Gren­zenlos und Unver­schämt (Without Limits and Outra­geous), Alte Feuerwache, Cologne (D)

1997 Kölnisch Wasser (live video/​performance), Hotel Chelsea — Köln, False Premises, A weekend of video, perfor­mance & work­shops, Cuba Cultur, Münster (D)

2000 Taking on the Mantle (slide reading) & work­shop, Inter­na­tional Women’s Univer­sity Hannover (D)

2000 Hung Up, Dual(national)ity (slide reading & work­shop), Centre for German-Jewish Studies, Sussex Univer­sity (GB)

2002 Hermes Insensed & Dual(national)ity (slide reading) & work­shop, Migra­tion, Arbeit und Geschlecht (Migra­tion, Work and Gender), congress Berlin (D)

2003 Slide reading and work­shop, Schatten der Vergan­gen­heit: Erin­nerung als Lähmung oder Chance? (Shadows of the Past: Memo­ries of the Holo­caust: Inhi­bi­tion or Oppor­tu­nity?) Haus der Geschichte, Bonn (D)

2004 Kölnisch Wasser, Re-inscribing the Wound (lecture — work in progress) & work­shop, Wounds Scars Tattoos, Art Academy Braun­schweig (D)

2006 (3.11. – 24.11.) 9 – 12 hours, work­shop with pupils from the Anne-Frank-Realschule (secondary modern). Opening 20 Uhr 3.11. Who’s Boss, Bochumer Kulturrat, (D)

2010 (610.6) DVD incor­po­rating the article by Ury Self-portrait of a Self-hating Jew (short version) and the perfor­mance video Touch me Not, presented 4.15 pm on 8th June at Jews/​Colour/​Race, a multi­dis­ci­pli­nary work­shop to be held at Ben-Gurion Univer­sity, Beer-Sheva (IL)


Publi­ca­tions & Press

2006 (4.11.) Who’s Boss and chil­drens’ work­shop, news­paper article with Photo, Stadt­spiegel Bochum (D)

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