Triptych for a Jewish Princess Second Generation

Set of three black and white photographs
with English texts by Tanya Ury incorporating
Texts from Daddy’ by Sylvia Plath

(H 167 cm x B 106 cm) x 3 framed photographs
Camera Doris Frohnapfel

Insur­ance value 10,000 Euros

An A2 Altar­piece print of the photo­series designed by Hein­rich Miess was produced in 1996

Price A2 print 50 Euro

Infor­ma­tion on the sizes on the back of the A2 print is incorrect:
Format 127174 cm
not 173110 cm

The photo series consists of 3 life-size self-portraits presented as a trip­tych. In the outer two photographs the artist is seen wearing a full-length leather German Luft­waffe coat from the last World War; she stands against a white back­ground chal­lenging the viewer. The coat is open, revealing her naked body. In the central image, she stands against a black back­ground hugging the coat protec­tively, to her body. The printed texts in the central image are consec­u­tively: verses from Daddy’ a poem by Sylvia Plath, written in October 1962 and verses written by Tanya Ury. The texts are about anger and the over iden­ti­fi­ca­tion with the role of the Jewess as victim. They are also about the diffi­cult rela­tion­ship with Germany the father­land and the German language itself.


1996 Solo exhi­bi­tion, Foyer, Femi­nale Women’s Film Festival, Cologne (D)

1996 Group exhi­bi­tion, Mensch 2000 Hochbunker Cologne-Ehren­feld (D)

1998 Not Black and White, Group exhi­bi­tion with Doris Frohnapfel, Foto­ga­lerie Brot­fabrik, Berlin (D) 

1998 DAVKA, Jüdis­ches Leben in Berlin (Jewish Life in Berlin), Centrum Judaicum (D)

Publi­ca­tions & Press

1999 Image in publi­ca­tion: Jüdische Visionen in Berlin (Jewish Visions in Berlin) (D)

1999 Image in publi­ca­tion: Aufbrüche — Migran­tinnen, Schwarze Frauen und Jüdinnen im Kulturellen Diskurs Deutsch­land (Marginal Cracks — Cultural Produc­tion of Women Migrants, Black and Jewish Women in Germany), Ulrike Helmer Verlag, König­stein ISBN 3897410427 (D)

2002 Image in publi­ca­tion: Plath, Hitch­cock und die Metaphorik der Shoah: zur Vermit­teltheit von Geschichte und Iden­tität in der Kunst Tanya Urys, Dr Cathy S. Gelbin, Deutsch-jüdische Liter­atur der neun­ziger Jahre: Die Gener­a­tion nach der Shoah Erich Schmidt Verlag ISBN 3503061258 (D)

2003 Image in publi­ca­tion: Meta­phern des Genozids Die Repräsen­ta­tion von Geschichte und Iden­tität in der Kunst Tanya Urys (Plath, Hitch­cock and Metaphors of the Shoah: the Medi­a­tion of History and Iden­tity in the Art of Tanya Ury), by Dr Cathy S. Gelbin in Gesellschaft­s­the­orie und Postkolo­niale Kritik, Unrast Verlag ISBN 3897714256 (D)

2003 Image of 1st of trip­tych, in publi­ca­tion: Metaphors of Geno­cide: The Staging of Jewish History and Iden­tity in the Art of Tanya Ury by Dr Cathy S. Gelbin in: Perfor­mance and Perfor­ma­tivity in German Studies, ed. by Caro­line Duttlinger et al. Oxford: Lang. ISBN 3039101501 (GB)

2008 (11) Trip­tych for a Jewish Princess Second Gener­a­tion discussed in article on Tanya Ury (in German) by Hartmut Bomhoff, Jüdische Zeitung (monthly), Berlin (D) www.j‑…

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