Trilogy — a collection of works

Trilogy – a collec­tion of works:

The Trilogy is a collec­tion of video works completed during Tanya Ury’s final year of the BA HONS in Fine Art course at Exeter College of Art and Design (now Plymouth Univer­sity), and which were presented at her degree show in 1988.
Price of each DVD: 50 Euros

A common thread linking these early works are biblical and Jewish Talmudic themes and the mythology of the feminine.

Presen­ta­tion (Trilogy)

1988 Lilith, BP EXPO (GB)
1988 Lilith, Passion Play, Song of Songs, Exeter Art Centre (GB)
1988 Lilith, Passion Play, Song of Songs, AVE Video Festival, Arnhem, (NL)
1990 Lilith, London Film Festival (GB)
1990 Song of Songs. Women in Profile Glasgow (GB)
1990 Lilith, VIP FILM 8 Berlin (D)
1991 – 92 Lilith, Passion Play, Song of Songs, Sheffield resi­dency screen­ings (GB)
2009 (11.9) Tanya Ury, solo event Bitter-Sweet”, early video works, 8 pm, Bühne der Kulturen (Stages of Diver­sity), Cologne (D)

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