The Riddle

Video 22 minutes, English/​Spanish/​Dutch

Lo-band U‑matic Video, incor­po­rating Super 8 film (GB)

Price DVD: 50 Euros

Made during a resi­dency at the Media Park, Brack­nell (GB)

A DVD with German subti­tles edited by Rainer Nelissen was produced in 2009, German trans­la­tion, Tanya Ury & Amin Farzanefar.

Trailer 3:15 minutes

The Riddle is based on the Eleusinian Mysteries, the Greek myth of Demeter, the earth goddess, whose daughter Perse­phone, repre­senting spring and rebirth, is banned to the Under­world. The piece traces the early life of a Spanish woman living in England. Romantic spec­u­la­tions for the future are thwarted by a sexual attack and the possible outcome of a preg­nancy. Issues of mortality are debated by prospec­tive chil­dren in an imag­i­nary under or other world.


Direc­tion, Script, Edit: Tanya Ury

Camera: Tanya Ury, Mark Browne

Actors: Mark Browne, Natalia Farran-Graves, Paul Gibson, Catherine Rath­well, Philip White

Donna Grif­fiths and Piyush Bharania at the Reading Centre for the Deaf

Music: Extracts from Perse­phone“ by Stravinsky

Folk­song The Riddle“ anon. sung by Natalia Farran-Graves

Trailer 3:15 minutes 


1991 Sheffield Media Show

1991 Nexus, Hull events week

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