Still under my Skin

Lecture/​paper (in English)

25 years on, this paper looks back on the issues surrounding Kölnisch Wasser, Ury’s video-perfor­mance. 7 docu­mented perfor­mances of a series, filmed from 1993 – 97, of Tanya Ury receiving a 4711 number tattoo (in 1993) and chore­o­graphed perfor­mances, were edited together to form a split-screen video in 2003. Kölnisch Wasser was a reflec­tion on media repre­sen­ta­tion of people’s inhu­manity towards each other and public compla­cency in the face of geno­cide that was happening some­where else.


Festi­vals etc.

2018 (11. – 12.6.) Excerpts from Tanya Ury’s paper Still Under my Skin with extracts from the video-perfor­mance Kölnisch Wasser, a split-screen video (33 mins) of 7 filmed, live perfor­mances with English subti­tles, produced in 2003, presented at Avbody – Sympo­sium on the Audio­vi­sual Body”, 13 pm, 11th June, at the Univer­sity of Hudder­s­field (GB) urbanresearchtheater.c…

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