magical reality 2014 – 2015


Poetry, design & recording Tanya Ury
Video edit Mirco Sanftleben
Correc­tion of German parts Amin Farzanefar 

A DVD (? minutes) of the poem layout with voice-over sound­track for projec­tion was created in 2015 (image format 4:3) 


magical reality is yet another poetry series written off the cuff — the thir­teenth in a series, commenced in 2009 with half dimen­sional poems. These poems have been presented in video-form with the 28 poems, each 4 paper-sides long, being seen as a visual Pop-Art-like design of colourful words against a differ­ently coloured back­ground – all accom­pa­nied by the artist’s recorded voice. The entire series have been presented put together as video a instal­la­tion, where a connec­tion to the written word on paper is essen­tially to be heard in the sound­track as Tanya Ury reads the text — one can hear the leaves of paper rustle as she turns them over. 

The title magical reality refers to magical realism, a genre that portrays magical or unreal elements as a natural part in an other­wise real­istic or mundane envi­ron­ment.”1, which is an appro­priate descrip­tion of the genesis of this poetry that is most often arrived at by intu­itive processes. 

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concrete – a collec­tion of works (including poetry series)

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