Holding the Baby

Two photo­graphic portraits of Peter Zadek (D) 15.7.2000 (10067 cm, digital Pigment print FineArt, lami­nated with 3mm Dibond, satin lami­nate), as illus­tra­tion to Holding the Baby. a short story, English/​German March 2002, German trans­la­tion Tanya Ury and Rolf Steiner

Tanya Ury’s short story Holding the Baby was published in German with two portrait
of Peter Zadek No. 1 & No. 2 15.07.2000,
in the Ambiva­lence cata­logue, Women’s Museum Bonn, 2002, ISBN 3 – 928239-66‑X

In several of her works Tanya Ury has adopted the name of Hermè or Herme (her & me):

Hermeneu­rotic — a collec­tion of works:

Although largely auto­bi­o­graph­ical, Tanya Ury’s narra­tive is told in the 3rd person; she adopts the name of Hermè (her & me), thereby objec­ti­fying a personal history and lending it the flavour of the antique. Hermè’s fables are earnest, thought-provoking but some­times also, playful.

Holding the Baby describes a meeting with the theatre director Peter Zadek, in which Hermè and Zadek, the theatre director remi­nisce over the past.

Zadek was in bad humour when I went to meet him back­stage after­wards; he hadn’t seen his cast in six months while they were on tour. According to him, some of them were ignoring his direc­tives; they had changed every­thing, he said. Winkler’s slow and pensive perfor­mance had some­times been so drawn-out that Zadek was sure she had just forgotten her lines; Matthes, had played her part too hyster­i­cally. Bemused, I followed the pater­fa­milias as he strode exas­per­ated, past Angela Winkler and Eva Matthes, the supposed unruly actresses who had played Hamlet and Gertrude respec­tively. He ignored them both now.”

Extract from Holding the Baby

Tanya Ury


2002 Holding the Baby was published in German with two portraits of Peter Zadek No. 1 & No. 2 15.07.2000, in the Ambiva­lence cata­logue, Women’s Museum Bonn, ISBN 3 – 928239-66‑X (D)

2005 (31.1) Solo presen­ta­tion, Montagspraxis, Diale­sung (Monday Prac­tice, slide reading), b_​books, Lübbener Strasse, Berlin (D)

2005 (20.4) Solo presen­ta­tion, slide Reading with menu, Hitler Gegengift (Hitler Anti­dote – on his birthday) 150 m³ Largus, Ausstel­lungs- und Projek­traum (exhi­bi­tion and project space) Mozartstr. 9 Cologne (D)

2006 (25.3.) Solo presen­ta­tion, Trav­el­cook­book, slide reading of short stories with menu, Propeller, Friedrichshain, Berlin (D)

2009 (9.1) Solo power point presen­ta­tion in the series Jewish Impres­sions”, 8 pm Arkadas Theater, Bühne der Kulturen (Stages of Diverse Cultures), 2 portraits of Peter Zadek, exhi­bi­tion: 7.12.2008 – 28.1.2009, Cologne (D)



Publi­ca­tions & Press

2008 (11) Holding the Baby discussed in article on Tanya Ury (in German) by Hartmut Bomhoff, Jüdische Zeitung (monthly), Berlin (D) article as PDF


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