A photo­graph height 31.5 cm x width 23.5 cm (edition of 7)

Insur­ance value 700 Euros

In several of her works Tanya Ury has adopted the name of Hermè or Herme (her & me):

Hermeneu­rotic — a collec­tion of works:

The photo­graph Herme is the re-working of a fashion pattern publi­ca­tion cover, prob­ably from the 1950’s, by J. Nieder­meier of Stuttgart, Germany (publishers Gustav Lyon). The woman on the right of the image, like Hermes, wears a winged cap. A dedi­ca­tion to the female Hermes has been added, which is like­wise a dedi­ca­tion to her other, herself, the self – it is her story (not his). But the work is also sugges­tive of a sexual talisman, in this case of the feminine.

A Herma, herm or herme is a sculp­ture with a head, and perhaps a torso, above a plain, usually squared lower section, on which male geni­tals may also be carved at the appro­priate height. (…) In ancient Greece the statues func­tioned as a form of apotropaic and were placed at cross­ings, country borders and bound­aries as protec­tion. en​.wikipedia​.org/​wiki/…


Concept Tanya Ury

Digital image processing Ingolf Pink

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