Getta Life 2003 (short story)

A short story English/​German (unpub­lished)
June-August 2003

German trans­la­tion Nimm das Leben in die Hand Tanya Ury and Amin Farzanefar (unpub­lished)

As slide reading with 37 slides from Tanya Ury’s childhood

In several of her works Tanya Ury has adopted the name of Hermè or Herme (her & me):

Hermeneu­rotic — a collec­tion of works:

In her written works, the author blurs the line between auto­bi­o­graph­ical and fictional reality. The ques­tion of her personal iden­tity however, is always central. On a lighter vein Tanya Ury reviv­i­fies the Golem myth. Getta Life is the contem­po­rary parable of a Jewish vampire.

Although largely auto­bi­o­graph­ical, this narra­tive is told in the 3rd person; Tanya Ury adopts the name of Hermè (her & me), thereby objec­ti­fying a personal history and lending it the flavour of the antique. Hermè’s fables are earnest, thought-provoking but some­times also, playful. In her written works, the author blurs the line between auto­bi­o­graph­ical and fictional reality. The ques­tion of her iden­tity however, is always central.

Moische was a rare bird; there were not many like him around nowa­days. He always wore black and he preferred old-fash­ioned clothes: a Homburg hat and an evening jacket with tails that he had picked up some years ago from an antique stall on the Alter­markt, the old market near the river Rhine, and which never appeared to leave his body for a change of fresh clothes. Along with his pointed red beard and long black hair, these garments lent him the appear­ance of a large raven or a bat, rather than the young man with a crick in his neck (devel­oped from watching too much tele­vi­sion or reading in bed) that he was. And so, to get himself out of the house and out of the way of his complaining mother, Moische started visiting the cinema.”

Extract from Getta Life

Tanya Ury


2005 (31.1) Solo presen­ta­tion, Montagspraxis (Monday prac­tice), slide reading, b_​books, Lübbener Strasse, Berlin (D)

2005 (20.4) Solo presen­ta­tion, slide Reading with menu, Hitler Gegengift (Hitler Anti­dote – on his birthday) 150 m³ Largus, Ausstel­lungs- und Projek­traum (exhi­bi­tion and project space) Mozartstr. 9 Cologne (D)

2006 (25.3.) Solo presen­ta­tion, Trav­el­cook­book, slide reading of short stories with menu, Propeller, Friedrichshain, Berlin (D)

2006 (29.3.) Solo presen­ta­tion, slide reading of short stories with menu for the new moon, Zagreus Projekt, Koch/​Kunst/​Galerie (Cookery/​Art/​Gallery), Berlin (D)

2009 (9.1) Solo presen­ta­tion in the series Jewish Impres­sions”, power point presen­ta­tion with reading, 20 hours, Arkadas Theater, Bühne der Kulturen (Stages of Diverse Cultures) Cologne (D)



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