A video projec­tion (German) onto the floor
16.30 minutes Analogue Beta SP, PAL 4:3
1996 The English voice over is a text by Ury of the same title

Price DVD: 50 Euros

Jacob’s Ladder – a collec­tion of works:

Two young men, twins are seen playing the game Snakes and Ladders. The voice over text, also to be seen around the edges of the photo­graph Tantric Snakes and Ladders’, describes a masquerade where two person­al­i­ties take on various disguises in what appears to be a role-playing computer sex game. Amongst the various pseu­do­nyms the pair adopt in this match of wits that develops into a serious power game, are the names Jacob and Angel.

Jacob’s Ladder — a Cyber­sexual Parable

Jack gets to grips with her/​me.

What’s your game angel; you want to tussle with me, what’s your stigma? A heav­enly body? I’ll rip off your duel iden­tity Jill, incor­po­rate it, get under your skin, play rough, find you out. I’ll shoot you till the earth moves in cyber space.’ ”

Extract from Jacobs Ladder — a Cyber­sexual Parable,Tanya Ury, 1996, unpub­lished.


Concept and Direc­tion: Tanya Ury

Actors: The iden­tical twins Mark & Michael Müller

Cameras: Oliver Galuba, Tanya Ury

Tech­nical Assis­tance: Michael Dudek

AVID Edit: Zuhal Er


2002 Jacob’s Ladder (solo), Hochbunker Cologne-Ehren­feld (9th Nov. 2002 Cologne’s Long Museum’s Night) (D)

Publi­ca­tions & Press

2011 (9.5.) Presen­ta­tion of the exhi­bi­tion Jacob’s Ladder mentioned in the Veedel (Neigh­bour­hood) Website: Hochbunker Körn­er­straße: Ein beson­derer Ort für beson­dere Kunst” (The Above Ground Bunker in Koerner Street: A Special Place for Special Art), by Jürgen Brock-Milden­berger 4veedel​.de/ Cologne (D)

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