dark room

DVD: Sound instal­la­tion, recorded during storm Andrea, in Cologne, from 3:22 pm on 5.1.2012, a 1‑hour loop, to be played in a dark­ened room. The audi­ence sits in a dark­ened room and listens to the sound of breathing, accom­pa­nied by everyday sounds from round about (swal­lowing, traffic, stormy weather outside, furni­ture creaking, the fridge & freezer humming), over an extended time. The impli­ca­tions of dark room may be explicit, or implicit, calming or threat­ening, sugges­tive or elusive: The heaving breathing of a tele­phone stalker. The sounds of love-making in a club dark room. The sound of breath-based medi­ta­tion. The sounds from a deathbed. House ghosts during a storm. A room where the photog­ra­pher develops photographs. The concept of this audio instal­la­tion was devel­oped during a period in 2010 when Ury was being treated for cancer; it is about the body in flux, an island of silence and well­being in a chaotic world. A 1‑hour mp3-version online is to be listened to with eyes shut.


2012 (6) Tanya Ury is the featured artist new works in the June edition online of Imag­i­na­tions: Journal of Cross-Cultural Image Studies, Univer­sity of Alberta, with Videos: Inti­macy, cement & dark room; a series of 17 concrete poems, the photo­graph Alibi­jude, Selec­tion from the Who’s Boss series, and 8 photos from Soul Brothers & Sisters, also 3 photos of Occupy in Stras­bourg, from the Fading into the Fore­ground series; further­more 5 Toned Poems (sound & music Kasander Nilist) and a peer review inter­view (text and Skype video) with Claude Desmarais, www​.csj​.ualberta​.ca/im… (CA

2013 (29.12) dark room, DVD: sound instal­la­tion on the Sound Museum of Silence website: 20decibel​.blogspot​.it/… sound​cloud​.com/​b​e​low20 www​.face​book​.com/​pages…


Concept, perfor­mance: Tanya Ury
Sound recording: Kasander Nilist
Edit: Mirco Sanftleben, pixel2motion

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