Dance Video Workshop: Control

Umatic video projec­tion 6 minutes, 1990
With video monitor Instal­la­tion, 12 minutes

This piece was commis­sioned by chore­o­g­ra­pher Jacque­line Rose.

A split-screen DVD (13 minutes) incor­po­rating the video projec­tion and the monitor instal­la­tion, edited by Rainer Nelissen was produced in 2009.

Trailer 7 minutes

Work­shops – a collec­tion of works:

At the centre of the stage-area, is a large, flat, circular mound of sand. The dance company Tread Boldly appear and start to disturb it. A 6‑minute video projec­tion of the same dancers, screened at the back of the stage-area, commences after the dancers have been on stage for a minute. The dancers then perform inter­ac­tively with the video projec­tion and the sand and continue for a further 10 minutes until the end of the piece. A video instal­la­tion on a monitor at the edge of the stage, runs during the entire perfor­mance of 18 minutes, displaying close up images of hands, feet and ears of one of the dancers.


1991 Perfor­mance at the Dance Festival, Reading Art Centre (GB)


Dance concept: Jacque­line Rose

Dance group: Tread Boldly

Solo dancer: Pippa Kittaruth

Video concept, camera & edit: Tanya Ury

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