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Web site: www​.tanyaury​.com Web site: misplacedwomen.wordpre… love in the time of corona by Tanya Ury is a contri­bu­tion by invi­ta­tion, to Tanja Ostojić’s Misplaced Women? project. This poetic narra­tive, also including poetry — being about isola­tion, but also feel­ings of misplace­ment because of age and illness even before the time of corona — incor­po­rates quota­tions from Gabriel García Márquez, Hélène […]

Web site: www​.tanyaury​.com twenty-twenty vision is a text by Tanya Ury, commis­sioned as a cata­logue article for​“Lesser Ury — Stadt /​Land /​Licht“ (Lesser Ury – City /​Land /​Light), a mono­graphic exhi­bi­tion of Lesser Ury’s work. Schloss Achberg, 2020. Due to the Coro­n­avirus crisis, the exhi­bi­tion has been post­poned till the following year. twenty-twenty vision was written a hundred years after […]

4 A4 illus­tra­tions – 2 drawn with colour crayon, 2 with pen and black ink. stimmen(colour), 27.1.2019 stimmen(B&W), 2019 voices(colour), 7.2.2019 voices(B&W), 7.2.2019 Each illus­tra­tion is made up of many small lip designs, 2 of which are constructed of the hand-written words:​“stimmen”, the German for voices – one, being drawn in a variety of colours, the other with black ink. […]


Trilogy – a collec­tion of works: Trilogy: Lilith Trilogy: Passion Play Trilogy: Song of Songs The Trilogy is a collec­tion of video works completed during Tanya Ury’s final year of the BA HONS in Fine Art course at Exeter College of Art and Design (now Plymouth Univer­sity), and which were presented at her degree show in 1988. Price of each […]

[ Русский ] 2 large banners, each with image and text (Russian and German), black and white against a grey back­ground, width 100 cm x height 100 cm, printed on Powertex Blockout mate­rial (width 140 cm x 140 height) to be presented hung on a line. Print version 210 height x 260 mm width Web site: www​.tanyaury​.com all in a name is the English title to […]

Ulrike Ottinger film director — slide lecture in German, unpub­lished In her career as film director for over 30 years Ulrike Ottinger has concerned herself with the so-called stranger, the outsider, the female outsider in society. How she is approached but also how the stranger in a strange land approaches a strange culture. The spec­tator watching Ottinger’s films is confronted […]

Dogan Akhanlı, the writer and human rights activist from Cologne has been under arrest since 10th August 2010 – and for no good reason! Günter Grass, Edgar Hilsen­rath, Yasar Kemal, Zülfü Livaneli, Orhan Pamuk and Mikis Theodor­akis, amongst others, have called for an imme­diate release. Dogan Akhanlı was arrested at Istanbul airport on 10th August […]

36 C‑Prints The XX of the title refers to the double expo­sure of a film recording my exhi­bi­tion of 3 photo series in all Hotel Seehof Zurich rooms April 2001 and Termini Tech­nici in the Trini­tatis Church Cologne, August 2001, in which Gerhard Richter first presented​“Bridge 14 FEB 45”.​“XX” not only discloses the absur­dity of two […]

Of the many work­shops that Tanya Ury has given, most were presen­ta­tions of her work or lectures — some were work­shops, espe­cially prepared for the occa­sion. Work­shops – a collec­tion of works: Dance Video Work­shop: Control 1991 Dance Video Work­shop: Secret Spaces 1991 Bochum Work­shop — Uniform, Status Symbol and Ideal 2007 Unnat­ural Conse­quences (work in progress) 2014– Presen­ta­tion 1992 False […]

I chose the Boss story to engage with, although many other German compa­nies prof­ited during the war years by exploita­tion, because Boss was a clothing manu­fac­turer; the idea that a costume doesn’t just provide a protec­tive layer but can also be a form of disguise, intrigued me. Hugo Ferdi­nand Boss made gentlemen’s suits in Metzingen, Germany until 1931. Later, […]

Hornet’s Nest is an object, consisting of a wasp’s nest mounted under a bell jar, on which texts have been engraved. In 2012, the choco­late company Ritter Sport conducted a large inter­na­tional online adver­tising campaign for which the public might select slogans for their prod­ucts. In Germany, the following slogan won with 61% of the near 4,000 votes: Wir […]

Set of three black and white photographs with English texts by Tanya Ury incor­po­rating Texts from​‘Daddy’ by Sylvia Plath (H 167 cm x B 106 cm) x 3 framed photographs Camera Doris Frohnapfel Insur­ance value 10,000 Euros An A2 Altar­piece print of the photo­series designed by Hein­rich Miess was produced in 1996 Price A2 print 50 Euro Infor­ma­tion on the […]

Ury & Rohmann 2008 www​.glit​terbug​.de Video instal­la­tion loop 21 minutes 10 seconds (repeated) Video with titles 23 minutes 30 seconds Betakam SP, colour, 2007 (D) Video trailer 7 minutes Trains, Tanya Ury’s DVD presents post­cards of trains in new and old Europe — 80 scanned images accom­pa­nied by a digital and elec­tronic music score​“10 Seconds” by Till Rohmann, AKA Glit­terbug. Incor­po­rated are photos […]

1 Noli me tangere is the Latin version of the words spoken by Jesus to Mary Magdalen, meaning​“Do not touch me” (the quota­tion appears in John 20:17). The words were a popular trope in Grego­rian chant, and the moment in which they were spoken was a popular subject for paint­ings. Its modern English meaning is​“Do […]

The article accom­pa­nying the photo series Theme Park was completed in October 2006. German trans­la­tion Tanya Ury and Amin Farzanefar, editor Amin Farzanefar A digital compositing version (16 minutes) of the photo series Theme Park (20052006) without sound­track for projec­tion was created in July 2006 (16 minutes) – digital processing Ingolf Pink, edit Mirco Sanftleben – Pixel […]

A series of 51 wooden-framed photographs, 3045 cm, taken in May 2005 and presented in 10 rows, nos. 1 – 29 of Binz, nos. 30 – 51 of Prora, on the Island of Ruegen, Germany. A digital compositing version (16 minutes) of the photo­series without sound­track for projec­tion was created in July 2006; an accom­pa­nying article Theme Park Recon­structed was completed […]

The Senses: Play in Camera (sense of sight) The Senses: Play it by Ear & An Ear for You (sense of sound) The Senses: Ô d’Oriane (sense of smell) The Senses: Zucchini (sense of taste) The Senses: Inti­macy (sense of touch) The Senses is a collec­tion of works completed over 16 years. With video and audio record­ings, a live film element, projected photog­raphy, as well […]

Video 22 minutes, English/​Spanish/​Dutch Lo-band U‑matic Video, incor­po­rating Super 8 film (GB) Price DVD: 50 Euros Made during a resi­dency at the Media Park, Brack­nell (GB) A DVD with German subti­tles edited by Rainer Nelissen was produced in 2009, German trans­la­tion, Tanya Ury & Amin Farzanefar. Trailer 3:15 minutes The Riddle is based on the Eleusinian Mysteries, the Greek myth of […]

BA HONS in Fine Art disser­ta­tion in English, unpub­lished (revised 2009). This thesis was selected for the Media Vali­da­tion visit in 1988, to repre­sent study under­taken at the Exeter College of Art & Design, School of Arts Research (GB). The prin­cipal char­ac­ters in Andrey Tarkovsky’s films are men who pursue complex and elusive ideals. Each film […]

This article written in English has been prepared as a slide lecture with 61 slides The English, with their xeno­phobic wartime poli­cies, interned all male German refugees in concen­tra­tion camps, a British inven­tion dating from the Boer war last century. Jewish refugees were often impris­oned together with Nazis; the British failed to recog­nize the subtle differ­ence between […]

Article for VIVA 8 Festival cata­logue, London Film Makers Co-op (GB)1996 Tanya Ury’s video Hotel Chelsea — Köln screened at Viva 8 1996 was awarded the title: best confronta­tional video. A few years ago I bought first a Super 8 camera and then a Hi8. I love them — they are so incon­spic­uous, almost pocket-sized. But I don’t take them every­where with me. I am over-cautious that art will […]

Woman’s blouse (size 16) This black blouse was designed to be worn in the perfor­mance piece Touch me Not, in which the long arms are tied behind Tanya Ury’s back. Presen­ta­tion 2009 (25. – 26.3) Guest lecturer, Depart­ment of Crit­ical Studies (German), Faculty of Creative and Crit­ical Studies, Univer­sity of British Columbia, Okanagan (CAN) web​.ubc​.ca/​o​k​a​n​a​g​an/cr… web​.ubc​.ca/​o​k​a​n​a​g​an/cr… 2009 (25. – 28.6) Migration, […]

Dedi­cated to David Ury 2 photographs height 89,1 cm x width 126 cm (edition of 7) (Edition of 7: height 43cm x width 65.5 cm) FineArt-Bond – digital pigment print, lami­na­tion 3mm Dibond lami­nate Insur­ance value of each photo 3000 Euros Concept, camera, text and pen drawing Tanya Ury Digital image processing Ingolf Pink stachel­draht­mann (barbed wire man) is a series of two photographs incorporating: […]

2015 (5.) slip stream — between poetics and poli­tics – impro­vi­sa­tion in Cologne, Tanya Ury’s article in English published online in​“Perfor­mance Matters”, a new journal in perfor­mance studies perfor­­mance­­mat­ters-the…, edited by Prof. Dr. Peter Dick­inson, Simon Fraser Univer­sity, Vancouver (CA) Cologne has a well-estab­lished jazz scene that has devel­oped over the last thirty years around the Univer­sity of […]

Photo­graph, 10067 cm, digital pigment print FineArt, lami­nated with 3mm Dibond, satin lami­nate Photo­graph 5033.5 cm. digital pigment print FineArt, lami­nated with 3mm Dibond, satin lami­nate A photo portrait of the sisters Elà and Leylà Ury, teenagers of 15 and 13, who live in London: one is wearing a Kefiyah, the Pales­tinian scarf, the other a Star […]

The photo­graph semi detached & the half dimen­sional poems no. 1 combine to create a record cover (31.2 cm width x 31.3 height) commis­sioned for a group exhi­bi­tion of 25 Jens-Uwe Beyer record covers cele­brating 10 years of kjubh Kunstverein e.V. (Art Centre), at the Kölnis­cher Kunstverein (Cologne Art Centre) (D) 10th July 2010. semi detached is a photo­graph taken in Alfred Unger’s apartment, […]

2011 (6) Self-portrait of a Self-Hating Jew (full version of Ury’s article in English), published in​“Migra­tion, Commu­ni­ca­tion & Home — Jewish Tradi­tion, Change & Gender in a Global World” Tania Reytan — Marincheshka, Editor. LIK Publishing House ISBN: 9789546078025 ISBN: 9546078026 Sofia (BG) List price: 16 Euro. For orders: arm​.bg​.org(at)gmail​.com A compi­la­tion video DVD of Touch me Not (4.18 minutes) and the article […]

Seduc­tion 2 is a holo­graphic self-portrait of the artist 1992, onto and through which, a slide of the painting​“Belshazzar’s Feast” by Rembrandt van Rijn c. 1635, is projected. Insur­ance value 5,000 Euros Seduc­tion 2 was first presented 1992, in front of a framed poster of Rembrandt’s​“Belshazzar’s Feast” and illu­mi­nated from the front. The artist gestures with her right […]

Video 4 hours 1 minute 13 seconds Trailer 2:07 minutes The digital visual mate­rial of this DVD was trans­ferred from a VHS copy of super 8 films taken by the Ury and Unger fami­lies between the years 1953 and 1969. The orig­inal films went missing, along with the entire Ury and Unger family archives, when the Histor­ical City Archives in Cologne, […]

A short story English/​German (unpub­lished) Renate is a short story written to be read out at​“Freitag, der Dreizehnte”​“Friday the thir­teenth), a perfor­mance event in Cologne on the subject of cancer curated by Siglinde Kallnbach: 12th October 2007. German version Tanya Ury & Amin Farzanefar Renate Loeb was a child­hood friend of Tanya Ury. This narra­tive docu­ments incidents […]

[ Français ] A series of art works: consisting of photographs, objects and digi­tally hand­written texts, dedi­cated to Ela Ury Right of Return Pomegrenade – Occu­pying the Terri­to­ries Beelze­bu­larin Calving Trouble Edition of 7 DVD 200 Euros A DVD projec­tion of image and sound, English Version 33 minutes, German Version 40 minutes, has also been produced. Promised Land: Beelze­bu­larin was […]

A short story English/​German (unpub­lished) This is the first story of what was to become a collec­tion; written in 1982, it was revised in 2007. The genre is magical realism; the content is a fore­taste of what was to come vis-à-vis the artist’s later pre-occu­­pa­­tions with personal and family history and at a more universal level, the Shoah.

Lecture/​paper (in English) With the destruc­tion of the Cologne Archive, a thou­sand years of German history was projected into the rain and mud; but it also included the legacy of my Jewish family that had previ­ously already been marked by exclu­sion, during the Nazi régime – for in spite of having lived through perse­cu­tion and exile, […]

A photo­graph, lami­nated and backed with 3mm Dibond, height 151 mm x width 250 mm, for 300 dpi (edition of 7) Insur­ance Value 1,000 Euros Infor­ma­tion Concept & Camera Tanya Ury Digital image processing Ingolf Pink nature or cult, symmet­rical in appear­ance is a lake­side land­scape photo­graph taken at Museum Insel Hombroich in Germany, which has been digi­tally supple­mented with the words nature […]

Action on the Danube — Budapest, 25th July 2006 at 18 hours 6 pm Docu­mented with photographs by Istvan Javor 25th July 2006 at 6 pm in Budapest, next to the Holo­caust memo­rial​“Iron Shoes on the Shores of the Danube” and its offi­cial plaques, a small group of 20 Budapest Hungar­ians, Rabbi Tamas Vero, who said a prayer and myself, set […]

Unpub­lished slide lecture (English) Audi­ences often assume that I wear a wig in Kölnisch Wasser, the video/​performance, in order to emulate a pros­ti­tute. Apart from the obvious ideal that straight blonde hair suggests, it may not be a well-known fact that it is forbidden for ultra orthodox Jewish women, to show their hair. Many Jewish women have complied with […]

The polit­i­cally provoca­tive histor­ical and contem­po­rary images and texts are an ensemble of photographs, video, neon signs, news­paper cuttings and other mate­rial, collated together by the artist Tanya Ury in Germany and Mallorca over a period of six years. The title​‘Jacob’s Ladder’ refers to Jacob of the Old Testa­ment. The closing event to Tanya Ury’s […]

Lo-band U‑matic video, 26 minutes (English/​German) Incor­po­rating Super 8 film mate­rial Made during an ERASMUS award semester resi­dency at the Insti­tute for Theatre, Film and Tele­vi­sion Studies, Cologne Univer­sity. A DVD with German subti­tles, edited by Rainer Nelissen, was produced 2009, German trans­la­tion, Tanya Ury & Amin Farzanefar. Price DVD 50 Euros Trailer 3 minutes Super­fi­cially, the docu­­men­­tary-style narra­tive describes […]

Audio­cas­sette for walkman with noose, German 28 mins, English 26 mins, with Texts from Kölnisch Wasser 1993 As slide reading with 57 slides German trans­la­tion Die Gehängten Tanya Ury and Jörg Pattberg 1999 Extract Die Gehängten — Hung up published in English and German in Menschen wie Du und Ich (People Like You and Me), exhi­bi­tion cata­logue, produced by […]

Video 28 minutes, German/​English Betacam SP, colour, 1995 2005 Trailer 5.30 minutes Hotel Chelsea — Köln awarded​‘Best Confronta­tional Video’ at the VIVA 8 Festival, London 1996 Hotel Chelsea — Köln 1995 Video Stills Photo series Edition 21 C Prints Price 450 Euros 4263 cm Edition 7 Singly 25 Euros Edition 7: 84126 cm Price 450 Euros Hotel Chelsea — Köln copy video­cas­sette: 25 € Hotel Chelsea — Köln the script […]

Work in Progress Book Collec­tions by Tanya Ury In several of her works Tanya Ury has adopted the name of Hermè or Herme (her & me): Hermeneu­rotic — a collec­tion of works: Hermes Insensed 2000 – 2001 (photo series with 15 short stories) Building Bridges 2001 (short story) Between the Lines or The Three Rs 2001 (short story) Holding the Baby 2002 (2 […]

A live video/​performance 150 mins 1999 Hi 8 video edited on computer disc; 120 mins on VHS video (rewind & repeat) 2005 Digital edit of Hi 8 mate­rial Trailer 3 Minutes Insur­ance value DVD: 200 Euros The instal­la­tion Golden Showers comprises of a 2 hour silent video edited from the docu­men­ta­tion of a perfor­mance in which the artist’s naked body was covered with gold leaf, […]

An action, 18.7. – 3.9.2010. Mid June 2010, when I weighed 77 kilos I decided to diet. With my height of 57” various Internet sites suggested that an ideal body weight should be some­where between 55 and 72 kilos. I am a vegan and can there­fore not sympa­thise with the popular low-carbo­hy­­drate and high-protein meat diets, where not eating nevertheless […]

Video 25 minutes, English Super 8 film trans­ferred to and edited on lo-band U‑matic video, colour, 1992 (GB) DVD with German subti­tles (Das Lebkuchen­haus) 2007 (D), 27 minutes Trailer 6 minutes Price DVD: 200 Euros The orig­inal filmed mate­rial for False Premises was taken from a super 8 docu­men­ta­tion, filmed by myself, of a self-build house project under­taken by myself and my former […]

Work in progress (ca. 2000 Photos) Price & insur­ance value Euros of 6 printed and framed photographs (2129.7 cm),500 Euros each Fading into the Fore­ground has been photographed in colouron nega­tive film with an analogue camera. Although a few photos have been exhib­ited as prints inwooden frames, all the nega­tives are even­tu­ally to be scanned — the series as instal­la­tion will be […]

Photo series with text, German/​English 15 images (6044cm, alto­gether 9 metres) UV Direct print on 3mm Dibond Butlerfinish aluminium (D) Insur­ance value 50015 = 7500 Euros Dual(national)ity was first presented as a perfor­mance with slides 2000, then shown in printed format as 8 A2 posters (4259.4 cm) in 2002. The Dual(national)ity images have been taken from a post­card distributed […]

Over the years a few photo­graphic double portraits have tran­spired as part of Ury’s oeuvre. These have been assem­bled in diverse manner – the exten­sive Photo and Text series Hermes Insensed, points to a close inter­weaving of her personal and artistic life: she asked friends and colleagues to greet one another with a​“hand kiss”, to court […]

A special event curated by Tanya Ury, with: Helena Gold­water: And the Hairs Begin to Rise, perfor­mance Fran Jacobsen: It’s a Mitvah, Film Lily Markiewicz: Silence Woke Me Up Today, Video and slides Ruth Novaczek: Let Them Eat Soup, video & Perfor­mance Tanya Ury: Kölnisch Wasser, video/​performance Article in programme cata­logue Femi­nale, Inter­na­tional Women’s Film Festival, Cologne (D) 1994 […]

A short story English/​German (unpub­lished) I had believed in the ghost of my own projec­tions. The war gener­a­tion is dying out and I have not yet asked myself what it will mean when this gener­a­tion doesn’t exist any more. I no longer need to do penance by proxy in my personal war. En route is time to […]

Article (German) Editor Amin Farzanefar www​.wissens​-quiz​.de de​.wikipedia​.org/​wiki/… www​.unrast​-verlag​.de The notion that it is time to​’normalise’ seems to be gath­ering momentum in Germany​“that as a German, one always feels guilty and that one’s repre­sen­ta­tives do nothing to relieve one of this sense” German peace prize winner Martin Walser. A casual and dangerous disre­gard of the pain […]

DVD: Sound instal­la­tion, recorded during storm Andrea, in Cologne, from 3:22 pm on 5.1.2012, a 1‑hour loop, to be played in a dark­ened room. The audi­ence sits in a dark­ened room and listens to the sound of breathing, accom­pa­nied by everyday sounds from round about (swal­lowing, traffic, stormy weather outside, furni­ture creaking, the fridge & freezer humming), over an extended […]

cunt prints – a collec­tion of works: Blue Danaé 1 & 2 1998 cunt prints 2013 georgy girl 2016 fanny fans (work in progress) cunt prints: 2 series of gouache body prints on paper – 30 sheets 2432 cm Series 1: 15 prints, gouache colours: medium yellow, leaf green, red orange, blue lake, bril­liant red, on water­colour paper (natural white, […]

concrete 47 images (edition 7): A4, height 85 cm x width 60 cm Height 31.5 cm x width 23.5 cm (edition 7) A ca. 6‑hour compi­la­tion loop of the following poetry video pieces, with text as audio perfor­mance and visual concrete poetry by Tanya Ury has been put together for screening on a mac mini: 1. half dimen­sional poems 2009 – 2011, edit 2011, […]

Slide lecture (English), unpub­lished. Devel­oped later as: Taking on the Mantle 1999 Art or life (style) — paci­fier or provo­ca­tion? Inter-disci­­pli­­nary, English artist Tanya Ury talks about the inspi­ra­tion and content of her creative work. The holo­caust — is it a suit­able subject for art? Certainly it has been a highly topical theme recently. But now that 50 years have passed, should one […]

Video 45 minutes, English VHS video incor­po­rating Super 8 film, 1990 (GB) Completed during the Masters in Fine Art course, Reading Univer­sity (GB) A DVD with German subti­tles edited by Rainer Nelissen was produced in 2009, German trans­la­tion, Tanya Ury & Amin Farzanefar. Price DVD: 50 Euros Trailer 6 minutes A mono­logue accom­pa­nies images of the artist at home performing […]

A Photo­graph mounted and sealed under plex­i­glass 6039 cm Insur­ance value 200 Euros The photo­graph depicts an extract of an article from an English news­paper of Summer 2002 about the state of conflict in the Middle East. There was no accom­pa­nying picture; the message in stark words suffices to suggest images of an oppressed and desperate […]

A DVD compi­la­tion of all the​“Avant-Garde Dating” trailers with German subti­tles, 40 minutes was put together 2009 Avant-Garde-Dating – a collec­tion of works: The Danaids Zucchini Game & Match Climacter Broken Glass 1 & 2 Avant-Garde Dating – Intro­duc­tory Talk Tanya Ury’s new work in the collab­o­ra­tive context with Laurel Jay Carpenter during the​”Avant-Garde Dating” week at Art Forum, […]

In 1999, a year after the death of her mother Sylvia in London, and after long consid­er­a­tion, and family discus­sion, in which the London Leo Baeck Insti­tute, a Jewish archive, was also thought to be an appro­priate loca­tion to house the personal effects of the Ury/​Unger archive, Tanya Ury entrusted the family archive to the Histor­ical Archives […]

A photo­graph (digital print height 71,37 cm x width 101,46 cm (edition of 7) (Edition of 7: height 43 cm x width 61 cm) Insur­ance Value 3,000 & 2,500 Euros In the spring of 2011 I took part in the exhi­bi­tion​“Kunst und Gedenken. Kölner Künstler/​innen mit Arbeiten zur Auseinan­der­set­zung mit dem Nation­al­sozial­ismus” (Art and Remem­bering — Cologne Artists and Art on National Socialism) in […]

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