Category: Collection of works: The Senses

Perfor­mance in English, docu­mented on video Trailer 5 minutes 10 seconds A DVD compi­la­tion of all the​“Avant-Garde Dating” trailers with German subti­tles, 40 minutes was put together 2009 2007 (27.9. – 3.10) Zucchini was an impromptu short story related by Tanya Ury to her guests in the gallery, after they had consumed a cour­gette curry prepared by the artist at her […]

Virtual sound real­i­ties by Tanya Ury GB/​D Tell Tale Cassettes for Walkman (English only) Edit Tanya Ury German trans­la­tion Tanya Ury and Amin Farzanefar 2004 1. The Sunbed: 9 minutes 2. Mind over Matter — For the Consci­en­tious Driver: 11:28 minutes 3. Lie and Learn (English/​German): 5 minutes Trailer 5 minutes German trans­la­tion Tanya Ury and Amin Farzanefar 2004, recorded in German […]

A 4 Monitor video instal­la­tion 3 moni­tors displaying English subti­tles, one extra with surveil­lance camera Super 8 film edited on lo-band Umatic video, 7 minutes 9 seconds, repeated 8 times for a 1‑hour auto rewind tape This video instal­la­tion was made at Sheffield Hallam Univer­sity during the Colin Walker Fellow­ship in Fine Art, a year’s teaching resi­dency, (GB) A docu­men­ta­tion of Play in […]

13 perfumed glass-framed photos with text, 5076 cm (4.5 square metres) Edition of 7 Cata­logue ISBN 3980435423, 10 Euro The photo series was produced as digital compositing version for projec­tion with sound­track (English: 11:15 minutes, trailer 1:27 minutes and German: 13:30 minutes, trailer 1:33 minutes) in 2009, digital processing: Ingolf Pink, edit Mirco Sanftleben – Pixel 2 Motion, Cologne (D) The Senses […]

A split-screen DVD (English and German versions: 34 minutes) edited by Mirco Sanftleben, pixel2motion was produced in 2009 – orig­inal mate­rial lo band Umatic from Hi8 source 1991. Trailer 4 minutes. Concept, perfor­mance: Tanya Ury Inti­macy, the split screen video and touch screen pieces combine mate­rial filmed in 1991 with written text cita­tions taken from​“Intimité” (Inti­macy) 1939 […]

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