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Arti­cles (in German & English) and a power point presen­ta­tion, radio and TV inter­views Archive – a collec­tion of works Archive Fever Fury Conscience archive burn out 2011 – 2014 German version: Tanya Ury and Amin Farzanefar, editor: Amin Farzanefar Need­less to say, when treat­ment was so frequent, there could be no ques­tion of proper docu­men­ta­tion or assess­ment of the therapy; […]

Video-perfor­­mance (English/​German) 2:05 hours and short version 16 minutes vimeo​.com/​7662688 (Adobe flash player update free under Google) Price & insur­ance value 100 Euros Fury is a dele­gated perfor­mance video, as part of Tanja Ostojic’s project Misplaced Women?, about the loss of the Ury/​Unger family archive with the collapse of the Histor­ical Archives in Cologne, on 3rd March 2009, and, filmed […]

Photo­graph, size 4530.5 cm (21.515 cm) Edition of 7 Archive – a collction of works Archive Fever Fury Conscience archive burn out 2011 – 2014 For Sigmund Freud himself, the destruc­tion drive is no longer a debat­able hypoth­esis. Even if this spec­u­la­tion never takes the form of a fixed thesis, even if it is never posited, it is another name for Ananke, […]

A video docu­men­ta­tion of the perfor­mance concert archive burn out, filmed and edited by Freya Hatten­berger on 10th April in the Nazi Docu­men­ta­tion Centre, Cologne, with​“Suspended Beliefs”, poetry and textwith impro­vised music: Tanya Ury (voice), Gernot Bogumil (trumpet), Kasander Nilist (double bass), Hans Salz (percus­sion), can be seen here: Docu­men­ta­tion: 46:06 minutes: vimeo​.com/​112831445 Trailer: 6:51 minutes: vimeo​.com/​112828403 […]

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