Trilogy – a collec­tion of works: Trilogy: Lilith Trilogy: Passion Play Trilogy: Song of Songs The Trilogy is a collec­tion of video works completed during Tanya Ury’s final year of the BA HONS in Fine Art course at Exeter College of Art and Design (now Plymouth Univer­sity), and which were presented at her degree show in 1988. Price of each […]

Of the many work­shops that Tanya Ury has given, most were presen­ta­tions of her work or lectures — some were work­shops, espe­cially prepared for the occa­sion. Work­shops – a collec­tion of works: Dance Video Work­shop: Control 1991 Dance Video Work­shop: Secret Spaces 1991 Bochum Work­shop — Uniform, Status Symbol and Ideal 2007 Unnat­ural Conse­quences (work in progress) 2014– Presen­ta­tion 1992 False […]

I chose the Boss story to engage with, although many other German compa­nies prof­ited during the war years by exploita­tion, because Boss was a clothing manu­fac­turer; the idea that a costume doesn’t just provide a protec­tive layer but can also be a form of disguise, intrigued me. Hugo Ferdi­nand Boss made gentlemen’s suits in Metzingen, Germany until 1931. Later, […]

The Senses: Play in Camera (sense of sight) The Senses: Play it by Ear & An Ear for You (sense of sound) The Senses: Ô d’Oriane (sense of smell) The Senses: Zucchini (sense of taste) The Senses: Inti­macy (sense of touch) The Senses is a collec­tion of works completed over 16 years. With video and audio record­ings, a live film element, projected photog­raphy, as well […]

[ Français ] A series of art works: consisting of photographs, objects and digi­tally hand­written texts, dedi­cated to Ela Ury Right of Return Pomegrenade – Occu­pying the Terri­to­ries Beelze­bu­larin Calving Trouble Edition of 7 DVD 200 Euros A DVD projec­tion of image and sound, English Version 33 minutes, German Version 40 minutes, has also been produced. Promised Land: Beelze­bu­larin was […]

The polit­i­cally provoca­tive histor­ical and contem­po­rary images and texts are an ensemble of photographs, video, neon signs, news­paper cuttings and other mate­rial, collated together by the artist Tanya Ury in Germany and Mallorca over a period of six years. The title​‘Jacob’s Ladder’ refers to Jacob of the Old Testa­ment. The closing event to Tanya Ury’s […]

Work in Progress Book Collec­tions by Tanya Ury In several of her works Tanya Ury has adopted the name of Hermè or Herme (her & me): Hermeneu­rotic — a collec­tion of works: Hermes Insensed 2000 – 2001 (photo series with 15 short stories) Building Bridges 2001 (short story) Between the Lines or The Three Rs 2001 (short story) Holding the Baby 2002 (2 […]

Over the years a few photo­graphic double portraits have tran­spired as part of Ury’s oeuvre. These have been assem­bled in diverse manner – the exten­sive Photo and Text series Hermes Insensed, points to a close inter­weaving of her personal and artistic life: she asked friends and colleagues to greet one another with a​“hand kiss”, to court […]

cunt prints – a collec­tion of works: Blue Danaé 1 & 2 1998 cunt prints 2013 georgy girl 2016 fanny fans (work in progress) cunt prints: 2 series of gouache body prints on paper – 30 sheets 2432 cm Series 1: 15 prints, gouache colours: medium yellow, leaf green, red orange, blue lake, bril­liant red, on water­colour paper (natural white, […]

concrete 47 images (edition 7): A4, height 85 cm x width 60 cm Height 31.5 cm x width 23.5 cm (edition 7) A ca. 6‑hour compi­la­tion loop of the following poetry video pieces, with text as audio perfor­mance and visual concrete poetry by Tanya Ury has been put together for screening on a mac mini: 1. half dimen­sional poems 2009 – 2011, edit 2011, […]

A DVD compi­la­tion of all the​“Avant-Garde Dating” trailers with German subti­tles, 40 minutes was put together 2009 Avant-Garde-Dating – a collec­tion of works: The Danaids Zucchini Game & Match Climacter Broken Glass 1 & 2 Avant-Garde Dating – Intro­duc­tory Talk Tanya Ury’s new work in the collab­o­ra­tive context with Laurel Jay Carpenter during the​”Avant-Garde Dating” week at Art Forum, […]

In 1999, a year after the death of her mother Sylvia in London, and after long consid­er­a­tion, and family discus­sion, in which the London Leo Baeck Insti­tute, a Jewish archive, was also thought to be an appro­priate loca­tion to house the personal effects of the Ury/​Unger archive, Tanya Ury entrusted the family archive to the Histor­ical Archives […]

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